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A natural makeup Artist of 10 years and I’ve been helping women simplify their ​makeup routine with Seint Beauty for over 3 years. Here’s a quick 3 minute overview of the ​simple, natural makeup I LOVE + recommendations for women of color, discoloration and Mamas!

What is Seint Beauty?

A unique custom cream-based makeup brand focused on condensing your routine in one palette, big or small that is magnetic and ​customizable YOU. As an Artist with Seint, I want to share the vision of redefining, simplifying and streamlining your routine.

This cream palette ​replaces EVERYTHING ​from your makeup bag! ​ Foundation, concealer, ​bronzer, contour, setting ​powder, eyeshadows, ​liner, blush, lipstick, color ​correctors, and more!

Why Seint Cream


Seint's cream foundations are amazing! It hydrates the skin and prevents dry, cracking looking skin opposed to some liquid foundations.

When applied correctly creams act like second skin. It gives you a natural and healthy glow. It's sheer but buildable, blends like a dream and it's lightweight. You seriously can't feel it on the skin! With Seint, less is more. Our clean creams are highly pigmented, so a little goes a long way.


How to Apply

your IIID Foundation?

There are many different ways to ​apply this makeup (referred to as ​IIID Foundation)

I recommend applying contour first to shape the face, ​then your main shade to tone & color correct, Brightening shade to awake the undereyes, Bronzer to add warmth, blush for a flush of color & BLEND!


Who’s it for?

Cream foundation works beautifully on all skin tones + types. Whether your skin is mature, oily/dry, blemishes, age spots, texture, or rosacea this makeup can work for you.

With me as your artist we can find you the perfect shades + customization that you need.

Real Women, NO edits, NO filter!

Get Color Matched

via makeup free selfie

Choose from three cafefully curated collections.

Available in 12 different skintone levels .


We have an amazing shade range catering all women and undertones.

As a Seint Artist I’ve worked with all shades and can personally pick the correct shades for you.

Cost + Longevity



These products are: gluten, alcohol, paraben, sulfate, and cruelty-​free. all ingredients are put through a highly refined impurity ​removing and testing process and have a low rating on the EWG ​scale.

shipping & returns

Free shipping will be available for qualifying orders of $50+ USD ​$125+ CAN. instead of offering free samples, Seint has a 30-day ​return/exchange window, even if the makeup is used. This allows ​you to really TEST the makeup.

How will I know how to apply

I’ve created extensive resources for YOU on Instagram, Facebook, follow ​up emails, and I have a private FB community for you to join upon ​purchasing.

Do you offer international shipping?

Currently we ship to USA and Canada.

Thank You!

Let me know where you’re ​at by clicking any of the ​options below + feel free ​to message me VIA EMAIL OR TEXT with any ​other questions!

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